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We've finally gotten around to updating the site! Check out the articles section to see some neat music and film related articles. We gotta do something to bring people to the site, right? We've added the Kankered trailer to the videos section. There are a few things to check out but there will be much much much more in the near future, as I'm going to start writing more articles, and releasing more music. As well as news of upcoming projects. See you soon!


The yet unnamed Bobandy and the Beans album, we're called BatB3 at the moment, is making progress in it's development stage. As I write this, a drunk homeless person is wandering around in circles and trying to sit in people's cars. We've been increasing our fanbase slowly over the past few days with lots of promotion. It's hard as fuck to promote something. We've been discussing the sound of BatB3, because unlike previous Bobandy and the Beans albums, we want this one to have a consistant genre. We're excited to start working on a very unique sound and some very unique songs. We're also considering finding a singer who can actually sing, as well as having drums recorded rather than programmed. We reached the pinacle of programmed drum complexity with the past album, A Space Whale's Odyssey. Being Rush fans, we need to go further! We hope to start bringing you more music, more video content, and just more entertainment. A switch from comedy oriented songs to more serious songs will also happen, as we become more serious about it ourselves.

We've added a plethora of sub us on YouTube buttons so for Christ sakes, sub us on YouTube!


With the recent massive increase of fans (5), we thought it's probably the best time to wrap up A Space Whale's Odyssey and begin work on another album. We created so much material making A Space Whale's Odyssey, but were unable to include it all because half the album was being filled by one song.

We're excited to start working on a new album and maybe incorporating some semi serious songs, seeing as most of our fans are here for the music and not for the comedy. Perhaps it's time to make the switch? The newest album design, with the sinking WWII ship includes references to the two bands who influence us the most. The first, most obvious may be Led Zeppelin, as the album is similarly designed to Zeppelin 1. The second is of course the Rush influence in the font featured in Snakes and Arrows. It's always exciting incorporating styles of the masters, even outside music. We hope that our fan base, who is largely Rush fans and Zeppelin fans will appreciate the album design. Click it to expand.

Also, if you are on Google Chrome, get the fuck off of it, because aparently the Picture Viewer doesn't work properly on it.

Good day.

SEPTEMBER 1st 2011

It's September! One month away from the best month ever, October! How exciting. We, The Beans, have some exciting songs coming out soon. Get ready for them. One is about an epic battle with a Chinese antique salesman. Who will win? The Beans or the Chinaman? I guess you'll have to subscribe to find out.

Other exciting things. Going to figure out a good CD service so you fine people can start buying CDs! We've been getting nothing but good feedback from out latest album, A Space Whale's Odyssey. Especially the 25 minute epic. Which is great and unexpected! Also in the process of setting up some emails. Until then, email us at

Would you be interested in Beans shirts? Is this something we should look into? Let us know.

And like I said, get ready for some exciting new beans songs. The best yet. Subscribe for fuck sakes, I'm not fucking around. YouTube. You see that little button in the top right? Click it and go subscribe. That's the easiest way to stay updated. That and bookmarking this page. BOOKMARK IT. Don't make me write a song about it.

AUGUST 31st 2011

The official launch of The Bobandy and the Beans website. Welcome! Today also marks the 120 subscriber mark of our YouTube page! We're basically famous. We can be found sipping champagne in expensive hotel bars with our butlers.

One day you might be as famous as us, but probably not. Not everyone can design a website to this callibre, make music as God-like as ours and just straight up master being awesome. But that's okay. There are many exciting jobs in the world. Say for example, McDonalds. That's pretty exciting. Or maybe ditch digging? Valuable people in our world. We need ditches to prevent deadly accidents.

AUG/SEP 2011